Nicoccino 1 pack

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Nicoccino 10 pack

10 PACK - 100 FILMS
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Nicoccino 18 pack

18 PACK - 180 FILMS
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Place the film under your
lip and onto your gum

Discreet, efficient and natural, free from tobacco and chemicals.

  • Nicoccino™ is a discreet film, made from natural ingredients, that dissolves under your lip
  • Each film contains 1mg of nicotine, equivalent to one normal strength cigarette
  • Nicoccino™ delivers an instant nicotine experience - You will feel a hot sensation followed by a powerful effect. It’s pure nicotine!

Nicoccino is developed in Sweden and is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards in the US

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"Nicoccino™ provides an unadulterated nicotine experience anywhere, anytime. It is the first alternative nicotine product in the UK which offers users an instant and lasting nicotine experience"

CEO, Johan Cram

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